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About Us

In many years, we have been honored to serve our customers, we have been keen to provide the best and finest fabrics for them, we are looking to the world East and west, to weave the finest textiles and fabrics, by the finest and latest types of threads and the latest machines and production lines.
In JADIDTEX we have worked very hard to satisfy all our customers with the highest taste, who have all the credit after God in our success, and they admired our fabrics and their satisfaction on our services and valuable feedback, motivating us to do more to provide the best and finest in the world of fabrics

We were keen that our customers participate in the design of their textile, our customers draw and choose the colors of their textile and put their wonderful touches on the fabrics not repeated to others, because it is simply a painting of the rights reserved for them

In new Tex we are all respectful to our competitors, who are our friends and brothers, and have never felt that they are our opponents, we believe that competition in the racetrack does not come with a single rider, so we thank all our competitors who motivated us to redouble the effort and work to invent everything new in the world of fabrics

We always strive to provide good fabrics with fashionable designs and high quality at prices suitable for all, and in our factory located in Bursa, Turkey we offer you a great selection of fabrics and at all prices, as well as a luxurious selection of fabrics masterpieces, we offer special orders service, where we prepare fabrics and Our customers ' requests, transforming their imagination and aspirations into masterpieces of high-end fabrics that fit their markets and customers.

Thank you for choosing JADIDTEX fabrics and thank you for all your wonderful opinions sent by the wonderful people of you, and we hope to communicate with us via our Face book page, email and social media, whether to view your suggestions or inquiries, or to view the details of your distinctive experience with fabrics JADIDTEX

And we promise you to offer everything that is classy and unique and new for all the people with high taste

With sincere appreciation to all of you